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2014 LA Hedge Fund / Private Equity List (List Updated 09.13.2014) - Just Updated!

Looking for a Hedge Fund Job?

The 2014 Los Angeles Hedge Fund / PE List includes more than 300 hedge funds, private equity/venture capital firms, and investment banks throughout the Los Angeles Area, including San Diego and Santa Monica. The list is easily sortable and pre-formatted for easy integration with Microsoft mail-merge, allowing you to quickly address and send cover letters and resumes to hundreds of prospective hedge fund employers.

We have recently added even more personal business e-mail addresses for most of our listings. These e-mails are generally for the Hiring Manager / MDs or Human Resources and usually also includes the primary firm email. Our high quality lists provide you four methods of contacting hedge fund and private equity managers: Mail, Phone, Fax, and E-mail.

Most hedge fund & private equity managers do not post open job positions on public job boards. Instead they rely on recruiters, personal connections, and occasionally "walk-in" applicants. Our proprietary hedge fund lists contain all available contact information and allow you to apply directly to over 300 hedge fund, private equity, and investment banks in Southern California.


The 2014 LA Hedge Fund / PE Contact List is Just $70.00 Now $50

Included with Your Purchase:
- 2014 Los Angeles (S. California) Hedge Fund / PE List (updated 09.13.2014)
- Pre-Formatted Cover/Business Letters for Mail-Merge
- Sample Hedge Fund / Private Equity Cover Letters (3) and Resumes (3)

2014 LA Hedge Fund List Instant Download ($50):

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Last update: September 13, 2014


2014 Los Angeles (So. CA) Hedge Fund / PE List Contents:

Firm Types:
- Hedge Funds / Fund of Funds (189)
- Private Equity / Venture Capital (103)
- Investment Banks (11)

Total Listings: 300+

Firm Locations:

- Los Angeles (109)
- San Diego (32)
- Santa Monica (23)
- Beverly Hills (15)
- La Jolla (13)
- Irvine (11)
- Newport Beach (10)
- Pasadena (9)
- El Segundo (9)
- Santa Barbara (6)
- Other So. California Cities (52)

Each Listing Contains the Following:

- Name
- Address
- City
- Zip
- Phone
- Fax
- Contact Name
- (New) E-mail info for Hiring Manager!

         - More than 700 business e-mails
         - Hiring Manager and Human Resource focus.
- Assets Under Management (AUM)

- # of Employees
- Firm Type (Hedge Fund, Private Equity,
-I-Bank etc.)
- Firm Specialty (Arbitrage, Multi Strategy, Real Estate, Technology etc.)

2014 LA Hedge Fund List Screenshot


Download both the SF Area and LA Area Lists; With Over 600 Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Investment Banks Throughout California? Just $85

Download Both Lists (SF + LA) Now!

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Entire 2014 California List - $85
Last update: September 13, 2014




Why BA Hedge Jobs?

BA Hedge Jobs provides dedicated job hunters with a powerful advantage over their competitors by compiling contact information for more than 300 hard to find hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, and private equity firms in and around Los Angeles and Southern California. Our specially designed lists make it easier than ever to be in touch with some of the world’s leading alternative managers, as well as some harder to find boutique hedge funds.

Job seekers will find our lists to be of considerable assistance in obtaining interviews with low-profile firms that rarely list lucrative jobs on the typical employment sites or even financial-specific job sites. Comprehensive lists of hedge funds and other investment managers are difficult to obtain for a variety of reasons, many fund’s wishes to maintain a low profile, among them.

Nationwide hedge fund lists from other firms sell for $2,500 or more and appeal to potential investors rather than prospective employees.

Our proprietary California hedge fund lists are specifically designed with job hunters in mind. We make it easy and efficient to send out resumes and cover letters to prospective employers. We include sample financial resumes along with cover letters that are pre-formatted for Microsoft Word’s mail-merge (though we recommend you write company specific cover letters to the key firms you are targeting).

We strongly believe you will find our 2013 Los Angeles Hedge Fund / Private Equity List to be an extremely valuable asset in your career search.



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2014 LA (S. California) List - $50
Last update: September 13, 2014

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