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BA Hedge Jobs is an independent financial research firm providing comprehensive contact lists of hedge fund & private equity managers in California.

Why BA Hedge Jobs?
Most hedge fund & private equity managers do not post open job positions on public job boards. Instead, they rely on recruiters, personal connections, and often "walk-in" applicants.  Our proprietary hedge fund lists contain all available contact information and allow you to apply directly to over 600 hedge fund and private equity managers in California.

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All Hedge Fund / PE Lists Updated - September 13, 2014

Northern California   (Updated 09.13.2014)  Now with 100's more e-mail contacts!

Southern California   (Updated 09.13.2014)  Now with 100's more e-mail contacts!

2014 Los Angeles Hedge Fund / Private Equity List

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Looking for hedge funds in San Francisco, California or hedge funds in Los Angeles, CA? Our proprietary California hedge fund and private equity lists are constructed to make it easy for job hunters to send out resumes and cover letters.  We include several sample resumes along with cover letters that are already formatted for Microsoft Word's mail merge.  Within minutes, you can have customized, pre-addressed, cover letters ready to send to hundreds of potential employers.  Because our list is sortable, you can easily elect to apply only to private equity or venture capital firms, only hedge funds, only hedge funds in San Francisco etc.

There are many hedge fund,  private equity, and investment banking  jobs in California. is the leading provider of quality contact lists for a variety of hedge funds, private equity managers and other investment managers throughout California, from hedge funds in San Francisco to hedge funds in Los Angeles. If you are looking for a list of hedge funds in San Francisco or a list of hedge fund managers in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place.

BA Hedge Jobs offers the best list of hedge funds in California.

Because of the constantly shifting nature of the hedge fund  industry, we make no claims to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in any of our hedge fund / private equity lists.  Definitions of hedge funds vary, and we have made an effort to apply a definition that in our opinion would be helpful to job hunters.  These lists are not intended for potential investors and should under no circumstance be relied upon for making invest decisions. This is not a solicitation for any investment service and we receive no compensation from any hedge funds listed.

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